Aiforsite offers an all-in-one production control solution for moving from closed construction projects to a fully transparent industrial process production model. At the same time, you will ensure continuous improvement of the safety, quality and productivity of construction production.

Aiforsite -technology from data to AI

Basic technology package

Real time situational pictures, positional data of people and tools and other intelligent features allow you to take the digital leap in the digitalisation of your construction site.

Pro technology package

Using algorithm predictions, APIs and the digitalisation of product information many of the currently manual tasks can be automated.

AI technology package

AI revolutionises the monitoring of quality, safety and efficiency as well as the responsibilitisation of hundreds of work sites in a matter of seconds.

Construction site Digital Engineer service

Our comprehensive service consists of the Construction Digital Engineer service and the required technology package. The Digital Engineer installs, maintains and reports on the technology packages. The Digital Engineer supports the work site organisation by, for example, giving weekly situation reports, and is always on hand to help interpret and utilise the information gathered by the chosen technology package.

Who we help

Project team

Work smarted using digital tools. Monitor the project both numerically and visually and improve communication.


Verify project steps both numerically and visually. Improve supervision.

Production management

Concentrate and optimise resources. Manage production in real time and using the principles of industrial production.


The building owners will have 100% transparency of the construction stage. Construction and product information makes the takeover of the upkeep phase easier.

IT and marketing

Utilise pictures and video material in communication. Integrate project data flow into other production management.

Quality, safety and efficiency

AI helps achieve the quality, work safety and efficiency goals of hundreds of work sites in seconds.

Our clients